Color maintenance guide for your home

Color maintenance guide gives us the opportunity to do a little experiment with colors which finally transforms the entire façade of our home right from interior till the exterior appearance. This guide also helps us to know how to increase the life of different colors used in our homes.

The color that we chose for painting our house needs a different kind of maintenance than the colors of the floor laminates. The colors of the doors and the window planes vary from the colors used in our furniture. Therefore, every color requires appropriate maintenance. However, proper cleaning is always essential. Power washer can be used to clean exterior of our houses every winter.

Dark colors of our furniture needs utmost care, therefore, they need better maintenance. Recommended wood floor cleaning products can be used for periodical cleansing of the wooden floors which gives a fresh look to your home. Similarly all windows and doors should be cleaned regularly to keep the window and door planes glowing.

Water treatment systems

Water treatment systems help to modify the quality of water, which assures good health to the entire family. The benefits of water treatment system are as followed.

Water treatment systems assist to purify our drinking water which generally contains bacteria and other germs in it. The objective of water treatment system is to decrease the existence of contaminants from drinkable water and make it more pure and filtered. This also helps to fight a number of diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, virus etc. Home water treatment helps to safeguard you from many harmful infections caused by chemical reactions. Incidents like asthma, allergy and even death cases are even there which occurred due to the continuous usage of contaminated water in different houses. So, today if you buy a water treatment system, you happen to secure your health related costs for tomorrow.

However, before selecting a water purifier system for your family one needs to consider factors like family requirement, budget and preferences so as to find out the best water treatment system for yourself.

Installing a new showerhead

One can change his existing showerhead for endless number of reasons. It may be because the old one is not working properly, or because user wants to reinstall his bathroom accessories. However, people generally prefer to perform such works by themselves.

Installation of new showerhead requires removal of the old one. First we need to check out the condition of the existing shower head and turn off the shower. If the pipes are working in good condition then it’s advisable to take the use of a wrench for the removal of the old shower head. Place the wrench at one point to hold the stem and use the other one to twist and unscrew the showerhead.

Now you can easily install your brand new showerhead. Before fixing it please check out whether the heads are clean or not. Adjust the head on the stem and tighten it twisting clockwise. A half turn past figure tight is enough to install the new shower and you are through with the procedure.

Pros and cons of marble flooring

Marble flooring has become the latest trend of home décor for people who give more emphasis on delicacy and aristocracy. But there are some advantages and drawbacks attached to flooring your residence or office with marble.

Marble flooring not only gives an elegant surface to your home but also provides financial commitments because of their long lasting nature. These are made of a kind of hit proof hard stone therefore; you need not have to worry about scratches on the surface. Marble is a durable material; ideally you would not need to change it in your lifetime once you install it. Moreover, marble is an absolutely cold material in nature. You would love to walk bare footed inside the room during summer season if you have marble flooring done.

On the contrary, marble flooring is an expensive design. Per sq ft costs somewhere around $4 to $8 which is often beyond the reach of general people. The maintenance cost is also very high for marble because one needs to regularly polish it to keep it clean, shining and graceful.

Best tile trends of today

People who possess an artistic sense would love to decorate their home with all possible and latest designs. When it comes to home designing then tiles are one of those products which has got revolutionized over the period of time.

Floor tiles should match your family status and lifestyle. You have to decide on which tiles are you going to choose and for which room. Very room has a different purpose; you would definitely not use the same tile for your drawing room which you have used in your kitchen. Likewise, if you are planning to tile your private pool area then you should go for formulated sealant which would help to guard your floor from the salty water of your pool. You can even select different tile formats like, straight, horizontal, herringbone, brick bond etc depending on your requirement and choice.

Choosing a right color is also a vital factor for home décor. Just remember, your tile color has to complement the room as a whole.

Soundproof window system

Unwanted noise always creates discomfort. We are most disturbed when we live in commercial areas, or near railway stations or airports. Here arises the need for sound proof windows which ensures personal comfort reducing all external noise to a great extent.

We gain better health if we have peaceful nights. Noise creates disturbance in sleep, lack of sleep creates physical anxiety which increases stress level. Sound proof window system creates barrier for all kinds of noises thereby gives us the chance to enjoy a sound free sleep which reduces all physical discomfort. Sound proof window systems provide a better work and study environment by eliminating 75% outside noise which brings better results and increases productivity level. Sound proof window system assures you a comfort zone to enjoy silence inside your room.

Moreover, sound proof window system increases the asset value of the property and this is the reason why most of the condo apartments tend to opt for this new trend.

Installing a new bathroom floor

If you want to give your bathroom a new and luxurious look then you can try out any one of the latest materials available in the market; viny1, wood or linoleum.

Once you decide the material that you would like to use for replacement then you have to measure the total area which needs to be covered. You need to vacate the bathroom by removing all unnecessary items lying on the floor along with the toilet pan. However, you can keep the bathroom vanity as it is. Take the measurement once again, remove floor tile and trim the base accordingly.Cut the plywood according to the measurement and fix it on the floor. Lay out a laminate board on it depending on the material that would be used. Seal it and wait for 24 hours for it to get dry.

The very next day start installing the material which you wanted to use for flooring. Use caulks to seal the new flooring around the bathroom walls, bathtub and toilet.

Biggest home construction trends of today

The subject of home constriction has undergone a sea change during last decade. The constructors tend to experiments with contemporary designs to come up with brand new salable ideas in the market.The first step of building a desired home is to find out a perfect location. A good location depends on the proximity of different destinations along with neighboring facilities.

Big specious common room, kitchen and laundry rooms are some ongoing trends in standard home construction.Comparatively large garages, modern equipped and stylish bathrooms and drawing rooms with marble or wooden flooring are high in demand. Qualified constructors give more stress on energy conservation while contemplating a design for their customers. This new application is going to hit the market by the end of 2010, which will reduce the heating and cooling costs of the buyers.

Though interior design depends upon individual taste but the current fashion of using wooden cupboards, jumbo suites, gourmet kitchens have influenced internal home beautification plans a lot.