How to remove water stains from the ceiling

Before one thinks of how to remove water stains from the ceiling, one has to deal with the cause of the problem. That is the origin of the stains, in order to offer permanent solution. The major cause of water stains in a ceiling is the water leaks which ought to be repaired. When such happens things like moulds develop. This can be removed by bleaches and water.

Some people opt to paint over the water stain on the ceiling. But the stain will still appear. Hence one needs to use substances like shellac. Shellac is a colored white stain sealer.

Another method is to use a product called KILZ, when applying this product use a brush that can later on be thrown away for it is poisonous. Kilz gives wonderful results and has no side effects on the ceiling. You can also spray the ceiling with airless sprayer and the results will great.