Kitchen ideas for white interior design

The old misconception of the idea that having the kitchen designed and built in white tends to give an idea of coldness and starkness. But you will see many modern homes having their kitchens interior designing done up in white. The cabinets, walls, tiles and furniture, all should have the essence of white in their design to complete the white kitchen designing theme.

There are other shades which you can incorporate along with white to give the kitchen a unique look and feel. A bit of contrast in the colors for interior designing of the kitchen is always a good thing to do. Using wooden furniture is not a bad idea at all. The flooring can be also experimented with if you wish to. Marble flooring is a good option here. White color would look the best for the kitchen if you go with the rustic theme look for your kitchen.

Easy tips on how to clean your furniture

All of us have various furniture at home and it is rightfully a part and parcel of our home as well as our lives. No one can do without furniture. It not only makes your house look good and civilized but also is very useful in our day to day lives. Most of the furniture in our houses is made of wood as it looks classy and elegant and increases the standard of quality of the house. But one should not forget that wooden furniture is of many types and for each type there is a specific method cleaning them. For oil wood you must keep it in mind that one should not ever wax it. You can rub it with toothpaste on a piece of cloth on places where there is a white mark left by wet glasses. For the painted wood furniture you can use vacuum cleaners with brush at their tips or can clean it with a sponge.

5 simple tricks to spice up your living room décor

Everyone wants a picture perfect living room. Having a great interior design can outshine other living rooms by spicing up yours. Try to think about implementing ideas that no one has thought of. Here’s something that might help you to improvise.

1)     Using different tones of offsets and antiques will enliven the décor and strike your eyes as soon as you enter.

2)     Layering of different shades of the white décor with one upon another through wall paints, furniture, window and accessories will brighten your room up.

3)     Have the white color scheme broken up into different patterns like that of the cheetah print. Apply this method through your furniture.

4)     In order to complement your furniture you can have walls and floors whitewashed as well. The reflectivity of the accessories can create illusions as well.

5)     Use the different shades of gray as well along with white to pump up the contrast.

How to keep your white interiors clean when living with kids

Keeping the interiors of a house clean can be a very difficult task with kids around. Though it might seem impossible to do but with a few tips kept in mind it can be done. The most important thing is that one should always talk with one’s kids and make them understand about what behaviour is accepted and what is not. This is one of the biggest factors that will help one to keep the interiors clean.

Once a week, the furniture of the house should be checked for stains and damage. The couches, sofas and the chairs should be always maintained at regular intervals. Small stains or rips in touched up in time can save a lot of furniture from getting permanently damaged. Dirt patches should be cleaned at intervals to prevent them from setting in. With these few things one can always protect the interiors from the kids.