How to design an open floor plan

design open floor planDo you dream of a house which combines the living space, kitchen and dining room to create an open floor plan? Well, open floor plan provides spacious and comfortable living and this is precisely the reason why more and more people are opting for open floors. If you are planning to design an open floor here is a bit of help for you. The first thing that you have to consider is the size of the house. The size of the open floors needs to be in proportion with the size of the house.

You will also have to consider the location of your house and determine whether there are any constraints in your open floor plan or not. See whether there are features in the house that you can take advantage of while designing the floor. Once all these things are taken into consideration, you can design the open floor pretty well.

Coastal living room décor tips for you

 Coastal living room décor, living room décorThose who wish to own a home at the seaside and have not been able to do so can still make their dream come true. One can always decorate their home interiors in a way which represents coastal living style. A visitor should get an impression as if he or she has visited a beachside home while entering. A coastal theme is a very modern and beautiful idea of decorating homes.

You need to incorporate the beachside feeling in the architecture, color scheme, style and the decorative pieces that you use for your home. Try and maximize the use of colors like blues, greens, and shades of brown and yellow. Make use of seaside items like pebbles, stones, sand, etc. to decorate your home. Wall paintings, wallpapers, carpet designs, etc. should be such that they remind you of the beachside. Furniture options are also many in numbers when it comes to coastal living décor.

Add style to your bathroom décor

bathroom décor, room decorDo you want to better your bathroom décor? Well, if you do, here are some ideas for you. First, get shower curtains for the bathroom. They are a great way to add color to your bathroom. Solid colored shower curtains are really good options but you can opt for the ones with nice designs as well. The color of the walls of the bathroom should complement the color of the shower curtains. Just keep in mind that light colors will make your bathroom look bigger.

Add contemporary towel racks to your bathroom. You can put them by your bathtub or place them over the toilet. Remember, that the towels you purchase should complement the color of the walls. Get rugs for your bathroom as well. If you are a firm believer of the ‘Go Green’ mantra you can get bamboo bathroom accessories like bamboo shower caddies and bamboo display shelving. Bamboo soap dishes and dispensers are also popular.

Black and white bedroom décor for you

If you want to give your bedroom a brand new look, it will advisable that you go in for the black and white theme. It is actually the “in” thing right now. To decorate your bedroom in the black and white theme you will have first decide how elaborate you want the theme to be. If you want to go full on, you will have to determine your painting strategy and also how you want to paint your furniture.Since having warm colors in the bedroom is the best idea you will have to add colors other than black and white in the room.

So, you will have to decide which colors with accentuate the feel of your black and white bedroom. As far as painting the walls are concerned, don’t color the walls only black. You can go in for black stripes on the white walls. The bedding should also meet the black and white theme.