Tips to fit roller blinds

fit roller blindsThere are more than one ways of fitting the roller blinds. It depends on the kind of windows of the house. The placement of the blind depends on the type. It also depends on your decision regarding the side of the window you will fit the roller blind to. Read the instructions of the manufacturers and then get the position of the holes of the screws marked. Make sure that the position that is estimated makes room for the clearance of the furniture of the window.

Then holes have to be drilled in the marked positions. The exact measurements of the brackets have to be taken in order to cut your roller blinds accordingly. If the measurement is not right, the blinds will stick out of the frames and that will not look good. If the pulling string is on the central, you will have to trim the blind from the two sides when you are cutting it down to size.

How to personalize your kid’s room

We all want our kid’s room to be the most brightest and colorful room in the house. A lot of parents decide on the basic things like color of the walls and curtains depending on the gender of the baby. However once the baby grow up and has a taste, the room needs to be done up again.

Here are a few easy steps that you can follow that can help you personalize your kid’s room:

1)      Know your kid’s favorite cartoon character. It is useless to paint the room with Spiderman when all he likes is Mickey Mouse! Ask your painter to paint your kid’s favorite character on his wall.

2)      Get to know his taste. Does he look irritated when he spots colors that are too bright? If so then go for lighter hues for his walls and curtains.

3)      Depending on whether your kid like to play or has an artistic bend of mind, stock his room up with the right things.

Dining table options for a small family

Dining table optionsThe dining room of your house is a special place because this where the family unites every day and share a meal. It is also a place where your friends and relatives dine with you on occasions. Therefore, however small may the room be, it has to have a feeling that would welcome your guests. The room should be as comfortable as possible as well a stylish. In most cases, the furniture you get for the dining room stays as the furniture of the place for several years.

Therefore, make sure you buy the best furniture for your dining room. If the room is not very big, you should not buy a very big dining table. Buy a table that is proportionate to the size of the room. You could go for round glass dining tables as they look quite great in small rooms. Decorate the room with small items but try not to clutter the area and keep it as simple as possible.

How to resurface your bathtub

bathtub resurfacing, bathroom careHere is a list of instructions that you can follow if you want to resurface your bathtub:

1) You have to carve the caulk that is connecting the surrounding walls to the bathtub and the fixtures. Use a sharp knife to do it.                                         The old caulk has to be replaced for the bathtub to get a new look.

2) Mask the holes off, also the drains, and the faucets using masking tape. You could also use protective plastic for this purpose. This will protect the area from stain or damage.

3) Then you will have to scrape out from the tub using a scraper. This will remove the layer of scum that is gathered.

4) Then you will have to wipe the entire tub with a rag. You will have to use an alkaline emulsifier. This will help you clean the wax or scum that remains on the buildup of the bathtub

Decorating tips for a log cabin

 log cabin,  log cabin decorThe first things that we think of when we think of log cabins are warmth and coziness. A log cabin should not only look great from the outside but also have an interior that will make you shun the outside world and cozy up at your place.

If you have a log cabin and want to decorate it, then go or the earthy look straightaway. Nothing compliments a log cabin like an earthy look. With soft and warm furniture set close by, and a few rugs thrown around the stone fireplace, your log cabin will be the topic of every conversation.

Log cabins are perfect for old furniture and antique showpieces. If you are lacking on old showpieces then grab some form the closest flea market. A wall full of books is another must have in your log cabin. They make your cabin look richer and enrich its feel. Old paintings, especially large canvases will suit just fine in your log cabin.