Vapor barrier myths busted

Air barriers, vapor barriersThere are a lot of myths associated with vapor barriers. One such common myth is that if a concrete floor is kept bare, it will be cold and damp. It is a not a completely true statement. The modern houses that have the concrete flooring are insulated properly and therefore, the statement does not hold true in this regard. Then there are codes of building that require the vapor barrier under the floor slabs.

Another myth is that since it is not possible to keep the cracks covered in the concrete floors, they need to be kept covered. However, a lot people can actually keep them like that to get that rustic appeal. In many cases the fractures are acquired by staining the floor and leaving some of the minor cracks on them exposed. These are some of the myths associated to vapor barrier.

Tips to save money on new construction

new construction, construction tipsAre you on a plan to build a new home but worried about your tight budget? However, there is nothing to worry about since the post here is all set to discuss the different tips on how to save money on new construction.

First of all, it’s good if you can sign up with a construction manager instead of general contractors. It’s because the construction manager would perform all the functions as performed by general contractors but at a much lesser cost. The construction manager would not count the overhead & excessive profit included in the contractor’s quote and hence you are getting to save a great deal with the construction managers.

Be careful about the style of home you are going to build. The rambler homes are always more expensive in comparison to the split-level and 2 story homes. In regards to roofing, you can save a lot if you go for simple roof-lines rather than the complicated ones that would require additional and specialized labor force.

Designing your dream home

Home designs, home decorDesigning a dream home requires utmost care. Therefore, it is important that you implement the latest technology for getting the job done. Using software for visualizing the design of your dream home can be very helpful. You will be able to get a three dimensional interface and through that you will be able to view the plans of the flooring, the walking areas and the structural placements as well.

Therefore, choose a good software program for getting a good home design. Taking help of the software will save you a lot of time and the process of making the design will be fun as well. You should take help of the professional while you are making the design through the software as only the software would not be enough. However, it is true that you will not be limited with just a pen and a paper while designing with software.

Construction site lighting: must know essentials

Construction site lighting, construction tipsConstruction site lighting generally has three safety rules which the people should follow. While any construction work is going on there are times when natural lighting is just not enough. Since there are options for customized lighting you can order the required set up which would be appropriate for the area where the construction work is going on. They are not at all costly and also provide aesthetic value to the area of construction.

Sometimes when just a part of any house is being constructed or renovated it is important that there is sufficient light in that place. It may happen that due to insufficient light the work is not performed systematically. That can be a huge problem. Many construction sites have emergency lights. This is good in one way because they are portable and can be taken anywhere. Plus if the worker is working on some tall project he can take the light with him to a great height where normal light will not be able to reach easily.

Repairing and maintaining drainage systems

Maintaining drainage systems, drainage systemThe main problem which many homes face with their drainage is that they clog up fast. Clogging of drains is not just problematic but also very unhealthy. Checking the drainage system of your kitchen and bathroom is very important as you can steer clear of potential allergies, infections and diseases. Stagnant water and dirt can cause many problems. Repairing a broken or damaged drain and maintenance is very important.

For problems like a complete breakdown of plumbing should be handled professionally. For other matters, you can do it yourself. Put in a metal mesh at the mouth of sinks and drains. Clean drains at least one a week with common tools. Also putting bleach in your drainage system once every 3 to 4 months is a good idea. Garbage disposal should be done carefully so that they don’t clog up and block your drains. Sometimes, this is the root case of drain damages.