How to keep your pipes from freezing?

Pipe care, home careIn certain regions, the temperature may fall below the freezing point. In certain case the situation may continue for few weeks. There are pipes in the exterior part of our houses for the plumbing purposes. The extreme weather conditions lead to the freezing of the water in the pipes. Thus the situation becomes very difficult for you to control. But if you follow certain basic things, then you can avoid this situation.

You try and put up insulation around the pipes on the exterior part of your house. You can use your bath towels, rugs and even duct tapes to protect the water in the pipes from freezing by keeping then warm.
Since we know that running water less prone to freezing, you can let water flow through the pipe slowly to prevent freezing. In spite of that you find that water is freezing, you can increase the speed of flow of water.

5 tips to do up a guy’s space

Men's room, home decorThere are a few things that are required for a guy’s space. First of all, a good television is something that every guy loves. Therefore, get yourself a large screened flat LCD so that you can enjoy the game and call your friends over to enjoy the game for you. A gaming console is another important item in the guy’s room.

The next important thing is a dartboard. A group guys can spend an entire day playing darts and therefore, a dart board is a must in the guy’s room. A sound system of at least 2600 watts is something that is very important in the room. It should come with a good collection of rock and roll music so that the spirits are always high in the room. Finally, a little counter table which can be used as a mini bar for the guys is something the room needs.

Do up your little girl’s room in a perfect way

Kid’s room décor, home decorDoing up a room in your home for your little girl is not a very difficult thing. The girls are normally very specific about their and always look to do something unique in their room. Everything starting from the walls, bed to the study table, cabinet, wardrobe everything should have a girly touch and should be unique. There are many designs now days available in the market which makes the décor perfect for your little girl. You can put up various wall stickers to decorate the room.

The walls can painted with shades consisting of princesses, Barbie, flower, etc which are always favorite things of the girls. The colors of the laminates used in the bed, cabinets etc should be very bold and dark. Light and soothing colors like pink, white etc are the personal favorites of most girls. If you keep these few things in mind while decorating the room, your little girl will definitely like it.