Taking care of hardwood flooring

hardwood flooringA hardwood flooring is like the Prima Donna of your house. Hardwood is truly elegant with its rich texture drawing in huge praise for your classy choice while it also demands a considerable attention when it comes to its maintenance. The article here is a brief on how to take care of hardwood flooring.

First of all, you must know that a hardwood floor needs regular sweeping and cleaning. Use a fine bristled broom that would be gentle on the wooden surface- a daily sweeping is required to keep all the dust, dirt and sand particles at bay that would otherwise be very damaging for the floor. You must vacuum the floor as well, at least once or twice a week. Vacuum cleaning is required to help you suck out the dust from the crevasses.

However, never use water on the hardwood flooring directly. Direct water on wooden surface is threatening to the longevity of the latter. It’s advised that you run damp mop on the floor following a good sweep but make sure to dry up the area immediately. In case of any spillages, you mustn’t delay in taking action.

Then, you have to really smart when it comes to heavy furnishing on hardwood flooring. Your dining table or sofa set and such other heavyweight furniture impose huge pressure while placed for a long time on a hardwood flooring. Thus if possible you should rotate and rearrange the furnishing placements inside the room and always lift them up while shifting them from one side of the floor to another. It’s good if you can get padding under the heavy furnishing on your wooden floor which will somewhat help to reduce the high pressure on the floor.

What more, don’t wear shoes while you are walking on the hardwood floor.

Making Your Fireplace Baby-Proof

fireplaceOnce you become a parent it is your responsibility to ensure that your child does not get access to locations that are dangerous for them like the windows, staircases, garage, laundry room, kitchen, fireplace etc. Fireplace is perhaps the most harmful place in your house and you should not allow your baby to go near it at all. You must make sure that your baby listens to you when you tell him/her to stay away from the fireplace. But majority of the babies are naughty and so it might happen that your baby does not listen to you. Then the only option you have is to baby-proof the fireplace area in your home.

It will be a wise move on your part to install a gate in front of the fireplace which will be locked always so that it can be accessed only by you. If the edges of the fireplace are hard then you must used hearth pads to smooth them. In this way, your baby will not get injured if he/she falls on the edges that have been smoothened. You can utilize the hearth guards to cover the hearth surface entirely so that your child cannot access it in anyway.

Things that are used in a fireplace such as the lighter, matchstick, wood, coal etc should be kept under a lock and key so that your child does not get hold of them. Tools like brush, poker and tong should be placed in a secured location so that your child does not knock them over and get hurt.

You might notice after a few days that the fireplace is still not baby proofed effectively. Then the best option that you have is to remove the traditional fireplace and install an electric fireplace. The electric fireplace does not require any baby proofing as such.

Getting To Know Walk In Bathtubs Better

Walk In BathtubsAs a homeowner, it is your duty to make sure that every room in your house is comfortable and looks beautiful. Every room in your house serves a particular purpose. The bathroom is usually considered to be a personal space where people take a shower or relax in the bathtub. If you are planning to install a bathtub in your bathroom then the walk in bathtubs should be your first choice. These have become increasingly popular among the people belonging to the different parts of the world.

Walk in bathtubs can also be called safety tubs because you do not have to step over any ridge to get into the tub. These bathtubs have doors that allow you to enter the bathtubs very conveniently and quickly. If you have elderly people in your home or some handicapped person then you must install the walk in bathtubs as these are designed specifically to meet the needs of disabled or elderly people. These bathtubs are usually very small and deep when compared to the standard bathtubs.

In case you have small bathrooms then you can utilize the walk in bathtubs because these are tall and are not that long or wide. You can fit them in any small corner of your small sized bathroom. The doors of these bathtubs get fastened and sealed when the water fills the tub so that the flooding of your bathroom can be avoided. The walls and bottom of the walk in bathtub is made with non-skid materials so that you do not slip and fall when the bathtub is wet. Safety rails are also present in these bathtubs.

You can buy the walk in bathtubs from the online stores or some local stores as these bathtubs come in different colors, sizes, shapes and depth that also at reasonable prices.

Garage Door Locks: How to Find Efficient Ones?

Garage Door LocksIt is very important that you keep your home save from unwanted and dangerous visitors. The garage in your home should be protected efficiently because your cars are very expensive and you cannot replace them quickly if they are stolen. Today there are numerous garage door locks that have come into existence. But you must be smart enough to buy the locks which offer highest level of security to your garage. Many useless garage door locks are also available in the market and you must avoid them at all costs. Here are certain tips that will guide you while you are buying garage door locks.

What to Do Before Buying Them: There are many home security forums that discuss about the security issues related to your home. You must go through the blogs and articles that these contain so that you get an idea of what to look for while shopping for garage door locks. If you have any doubts about the door locks then you can post your questions on the forums and get your doubts cleared expediently.

Where to Buy Them: You can surely visit the local hardware or security store to buy garage door locks because you will be able to inspect the different kinds of locks that are available in that particular store. If you have certain requirements for your door locks then talk to the salesperson in the store as he/she can guide you in purchasing the perfect garage door locks. If possible utilize the online stores for buying the door locks as these stores offer a variety of locks that also at competitive prices.

What to Look for In the Locks: It would be amazing if you could buy the garage door locks which have features like voice recognition, eye scanning, finger print recognition etc. as these will offer proper security to your garage.