Roof Mold and Health Issues

Your shingles can be eaten up by the lichens, roof algae and moss. They not only eat up your shingles but also enter into your roof deck and cause wood damage and rot up your wood. When wood starts to rot, moisture is entered into your roof and it creates the most suitable environment for the mold growth. If your home is affected by the mold then it creates issues related to health for you, your family members and your pets. For staying away from these issues don’t ignore stains of your roof. By detecting these stains quickly call up the roof shampoo contractor and give your roof an eco friendly roof shampoo treatment and get those stains away before it permanently damage up your roof. Here are some of the effects of stains and mo9ld on your health.

Cleaning up your roof makes a great sense. People usually takes it in sense of beauty and increasing the aesthetic appeal of the home but along with shortening the life of your roof these stains also shorten up your life by creating health issues. Stained roofs also lower up the value of the make it little bit difficult to sell the property. These dirt and stains on roof decreases the useful life of your roof and causes health hazard to you. If the stains which your roof possess is dark in color then it is prone to absorb the sun’s heat and it increase up the heat in your home. With the increased heat, you will increase the use of air conditioning and in turn it will increase your bills. The dirt which you see on your roof is not just dirt it is alive. These roof stains are caused by the type of algae which is known as Gloeocapsa magma. It usually grows in the standing water and it brought to the roof by birds and insects.

Once getting attached to the roof, t5hese spreads from one to the other, from one shingle to the other and damages all of them. These black stains are also likely to invite more number of molds and fungi. Fungi are very harmful to the roof. They doesn’t have chlorophyll and thus the4y need a warm humid environment to survive. This environment is perfectly available on the roofs as first they get and then they dry which creates moisture and humidity and give perfect surrounding for fungus to grow and spread.

Not all fungi and mold are dangerous to the health but some of them are dangerous to the children’s of young age and those people who are suffering from asthma and respiratory problems. These things first get into your home then they get into your air conditioning duct and spread up into your entire house creating polluted environment in your house. These things are prone to cause allergies, toxicity and structural damages to your home. Thus don’t stay calmly when you observe any of these things in your house on your roof. Make quick redressed for your roof.