Add a retro touch to your home with beaded door curtains

beaded door curtains, home decor ideasIf retro is coming back as a fashion when it come s to clothes, can decors of the same style be left behind? Give your house a new retro chic look with beaded door curtains and see what a world of difference it does to the entire look of your house. The beads can be of many types like bamboo, crystals, plastic, acrylic, wood, metal, glass, shell and many more. The bamboo ones are the most common but crystal ones are the favorite.

The crystal beads play up the light and can single handedly brighten up a room. They give a stylish yet homey feel. The bamboo ones can add elegance while the same bamboo beads when painted give a bohemian look. Take a pick from all the options available, beaded curtains are a fun and cool addition to any house. So which one did you choose?


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