Add Mirror to Your Bedroom Décor for Something Extra

Home decor accessories, bedroom decorMirrors can do wonders to home décor. One of the best places to use mirror work is your bedroom. Mirrors provide a very serene and fresh feel to rooms and a bedroom is a place which should always create a comfortable and inviting fresh feel. Using a mirror in a room doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go for a traditional mirror used to check reflections. Apart from that you can have your own mirror lighting for a bright feel. Lamp mirror works are a rage these days, especially for bedroom art. You can also go for a mirror motif art hung or built n above your bed for a classy contemporary feel.

Futuristic mirror art can also be use at bedposts and ceilings. When using traditional mirrors you can even go for decorative border work for a vintage feel. You can go for copper, bronze or silver colored vintage border art for your vanity dressing table mirror.


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