Applying roof flashing technique

A few walls and more generally the roof suffers from leakage and harm through water effect. Roof flashing gives an added security against seepage to these parts. It does so by putting a layer of non-porous materials on the surface to make an impervious boundary. It is generally done at discontinuous points which are placed quite incongruously to the surface of ceiling or wall extensions. For instance, exteriors of a chimney or a pipe are closed via roof flashing technique.

Based on climate, a bituminous fabric can be used for deflecting gush of water far from the seams and connectors. Roof flashing may be of two categories; exposed and concealed. A few materials required for roof flashing can lose their strength when brought in the presence of sunlight. Orings, gaskets and seals are also accepted for applying roof flashing techniques. The process of roof flashing can be made resistant to


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