Bamboo flooring in kitchen

Using bamboo flooring in your kitchen is the best way to bring a little bit of nature into your home. Apart from the fact that it is quite easy to clean, it is also great to look at. Moreover, as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, using the same for flooring is a good way to go green in your kitchen space. Bamboo is also a renewable product and can be reused for other purposes.

Additionally, bamboo flooring in the kitchens have the same or higher style quotient than hardwood flooring. It also has a better feel and is stronger than regular hardwood flooring. Whether you opt for horizontal grain bamboo flooring or vertical grain bamboo flooring, you can be sure that it is fire and water resistant. However, in case you have pets at home, surface scratches can be a problem for you as bamboo flooring is prone to scratching and denting.


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