Bathroom floor Installation

A bathroom floor is a big hunk of that price tag. Of course the choice of floor will dictate how high that price is. And how you plan to use your bathroom will dictate your choice of floor.

This depends on the choice of bathroom floor, and also the particular style to put into your bathroom, never forgetting Safety as well as moisture resistant floors as key factor in making the choice.

The following materials can be installed on the bathroom floor. Ceramic Tile, Stone, Marble and Slate, Vinyl, Wood and Linoleum

Steps towards Installing the Floor

Access your bathroom’s layout plan
Turn off water supply to the toilet with the shutoff valve and empty the bowl by flushing away water.
Carefully remove old tiles, wood molding, baseboards, and pull up carpet around the doorframe.
Cut plywood to the length and width of your bathroom.
Start laying down your flooring.


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