Building Waterproof Tree House

Waterproof Tree House, Tree HouseA tree house can be a good thing to have in a house with children. This tree house can be one of the best places for any child to enjoy its free time. The tree house also adds its beauty to the house. Here are certain tips that you can use for building a waterproof tree house.
• First you would need to find the tree that you want your house to be on. Selecting the perfect tree would help you in making a good tree house.
• Then, comes the construction of the base. Using beams of size 2×6 would help you create a good strong base.
• As the base is built now you can use plywood for making the floor of the house. The walls can be constructed using the plywood too.
• Use of 2×2 boards can help you make a roof of your choice. The shape of the roof depends upon your selection and climatic condition of that place.
• After the roof, it’s time for cutting out the door and windows in the walls. As the doors and windows are made your tree house is ready to be used.
• Now it’s time for water proofing it. Use of waterproofing material is recommended to be applied on the wood and save the place from water.
In these simple steps, you can make your own dream tree house easily.


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