How to avoid scratches on your marble flooring

With irregular and non-proper caring of cleanings, any type of marbles can result being scratched and become dulled over fleeting time. These surface unwanted scratches may be washed and erased at home itself, generally without any of the services of any professional. Here are few recommended way:

Things you will need:

  • Fine sandpaper or Grade #000 steel wool or Gel Gloss
  • Soft cloths
  • Water
  • Marble Polish

Steps to be followed:

Utilize fine sandpaper or may be a steel wool to buff or sand out the unwanted scratches. While using sandpapers ensure that you elect the apt grit or you might create much-more number of scratches, than you want to remove.

  • When Gel Gloss is used, follow up the using instructions that appear on package.
  • Then Rinse the space with water.
  • Try to dry the space with any soft cloth.
  • Use marble polish in order to regain the shine and shield the new surfaces.

Also remember:

  • When the scratches are tiny and on top of the surface also, sometimes then can, straddle buffed out by using a soft good cleaning cloth.
  • Very indebt scratches or big problem areas must be doctored by only a professional. Make sure they are well experienced and equipped with the particular kind of marble you are using.
  • However, cultured marble is unlike true marble and not fit to be fixed as per the procedures mentioned above.

DIY tips to build a porch swing

A porch swing is the best thing you can have in a home, cottage or a villa. It adds beauty, luxury and comfort to the place. Why to invest in it if you can do it yourself? A person who has basic knowledge of tools and how to use them can attempt to make a porch swing. These are some tips which might be useful for you:

Screws and glue are the basic elements which will help you attach things together. But, glue will not be advisable to use in outside furniture as it will not withstand crucial weather. Use adhesive; because of its durability it would be a better option.

The swing will require lot of curvy parts which might be difficult to carry on with. What you can do is, draw rough templates on a paper, and stick them on the wood for easy cut-outs. Hence you will have neat parts for fixation of the swing. For a good porch swing, these techniques are fine and safe.

Learn to paint your home exteriors all by yourself

Painting your home could be an ideal option if you really want to give your household a refreshed and renovated look. A newly painted home could bring an invigorated mental set up to you and your family members also. So here are the few tips about how to paint your house by yourself.

In order to make a sensible preparation before painting your house, cover the entire floor area by using large tapes. Gather all the paint jars, brushers, rollers and other painting equipments at the middle of the room which is getting painted and don’t keep them near the wall which would be painted eventually.

Before putting the base on your walls you need to check if there are any holes or cracks in them. After finding those you need to fill them up with fillers or sparkles but for longer lasting effects you can use insert some amount of acryl into the holes and begin to paint your house with some rollicking shades.

DIY tips to fix your house plumbing

A lot of people think that professional help is of utmost help when faced with a house plumbing problem. However, this is not right. If you are plagued with simple, small plumbing issues there is no need to call a professional plumber; you can do it alone. One of the most common plumbing problems is clogs. If there is a drain clog in your sink, you can try pulling out the pop-up drain stopper. More often than not, materials like hair get stuck in the stopper and causes clogs.

A running toilet is also a very common plumbing problem. In this case the water keeps running when you flush the toilet and it does not stop until and unless you jiggle the handle slightly. If you are facing this problem, you should remove the lid that is located at the back of the toilet, reach inside and elevate the plunger arm. This will stop the running water.

Guidelines while starting construction

It is quintessential to know about the rules or policies that govern construction in your area. If you have law on your side, you can construct better. Try to judge what might be the time required for sanction. Get hold of a reputed architect and formulate a precise blueprint. You have to know in advance what you are ready to fork out for the place.

You must know in advance about how you can tap water and electricity during the point of construction. While commencing construction, any tree root that might be there shall be removed. If water arrives in trenches, it shall be cleared out with alacrity. Concreting of the construction is advisable in a 6 inch layer. Brickwork joints shall be mortared at any cost after soft sand and water is mixed effectively. If these guidelines are followed, a sturdy construction is on the cards.