Tips to maintain bamboo flooring

bamboo flooringBamboo flooring is quite a rage these days thanks to its eco-friendly quotient. Have you too got bamboo flooring for your home? Well, that’ simply great since added to the green concern, bamboo based floors are really stylish and a wonderful match-up for a contemporary décor. However, it should be noted here that bamboo flooring seeks a careful maintenance routine to assure its longevity and luster for years. Here goes a discussion below that outlines the tips needed to maintain a bamboo flooring.

First and foremost, you must take care to clean up the floor every day. Bamboo based floors are highly prone to damage from the regular dirt and dust deposition. Hence you should go for a daily sweep and weekly vacuum. Make sure to use a fine bristled broom to ensure a soft touch on the floor. Never ever use water directly on the bamboo floor as it could be really destructive for the floor longevity. However, you can go for a damp mop here once or twice in a week and dry up the floor surface immediately after you are done with the mopping.

Then, you should be careful with the furnishing on the bamboo floor as well. Heavyweight furniture sets like sofas, big chairs and tables imposed directly on the floor might hurt the bamboo surface. Hence it’s suggested that you always use felt padding under each of the heavyweight pieces you place on the bamboo area. In case you have to shift the chairs or tables, lift them up while moving and never dare to drag them on the surface. Be careful not to walk the bamboo floor with your shoes on, especially stilettos. These high heeled stylish footwear might end up scratching the floor surface. Try to have a shoe rack outside the floor so that you guests can leave their shoes there.

Taking care of hardwood flooring

hardwood flooringA hardwood flooring is like the Prima Donna of your house. Hardwood is truly elegant with its rich texture drawing in huge praise for your classy choice while it also demands a considerable attention when it comes to its maintenance. The article here is a brief on how to take care of hardwood flooring.

First of all, you must know that a hardwood floor needs regular sweeping and cleaning. Use a fine bristled broom that would be gentle on the wooden surface- a daily sweeping is required to keep all the dust, dirt and sand particles at bay that would otherwise be very damaging for the floor. You must vacuum the floor as well, at least once or twice a week. Vacuum cleaning is required to help you suck out the dust from the crevasses.

However, never use water on the hardwood flooring directly. Direct water on wooden surface is threatening to the longevity of the latter. It’s advised that you run damp mop on the floor following a good sweep but make sure to dry up the area immediately. In case of any spillages, you mustn’t delay in taking action.

Then, you have to really smart when it comes to heavy furnishing on hardwood flooring. Your dining table or sofa set and such other heavyweight furniture impose huge pressure while placed for a long time on a hardwood flooring. Thus if possible you should rotate and rearrange the furnishing placements inside the room and always lift them up while shifting them from one side of the floor to another. It’s good if you can get padding under the heavy furnishing on your wooden floor which will somewhat help to reduce the high pressure on the floor.

What more, don’t wear shoes while you are walking on the hardwood floor.

An account on viable bathroom flooring options

bathroom flooring, flooringThe bathroom is a very important place and it is very important that you make the best of it. It is unfortunate the most people ignore the bathroom when they are doing the décor. How you make up the bathroom will speak a lot about your personal taste. One of the most important aspects of a bathroom décor is the flooring. Therefore, you have to choose your flooring very carefully.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to bathroom flooring and you need to choose one that will suit your requirements. If you are looking for a cheap option, Vinyl flooring can be ideal for you. Another good option would be marble but though they are not cheap, they are very durable which makes them a very economic choice. Quartz tiles are also a very good option when it comes to bathroom flooring. Make sure that the design and the texture matches the look of the bathroom.

Re installing natural stone flooring

Tips to install natural stone flooring, stone flooringThe beauty of natural stone is said to enhance with passing time but if not cared and maintained properly, that beautiful floor of your house will give way to lack-luster surface and might even develop cracks and spots from excessive chemical use. Re installation natural stone flooring can be time taking but it yields good results so as to provide you with glistening beautiful floor. First, hire a floor contractor for the job as it is not possible to do it yourself. Secondly, make sure that all the old pieces of stone are removed accurately and the sub-floor is made level with sand and cement. Laying of natural stones require an even sub-floor which can also be made with waterproof plywood to preserve the stone from seepage and high moisture content. Next the tiles must be laid with an adhesive and a sealer must be used because of the porous nature of natural stones. After the floor has been reinstalled, wax it for better protection from corrosion.

Which is a better pick for your home, marble or granite flooring?

Nowadays people use natural stones like marble and granite for decoration and construction purposes. These natural stones give an ethnic and modern touch to the house. The stones can be used in flooring as well.

A popular flooring material used is marble. Marble gives beauty and grace to a house. Marble gives the ultimate elegance and uniqueness to the floor. Marble is easily available and it has a natural shine. Marble floors can be slippery and glossy. Marble is also easy to clean and hence is easy to maintain.

You can also use granite to do the flooring of your house. Granite is gradually becoming a popular choice among people. Granite is known for its durability. Granite also has a style and beauty of its own. It is also scratch resistant and heat resistant. The price of granite is high because of its uniqueness. Once again granite is easy to clean and maintain.

Bathroom floor Installation

A bathroom floor is a big hunk of that price tag. Of course the choice of floor will dictate how high that price is. And how you plan to use your bathroom will dictate your choice of floor.

This depends on the choice of bathroom floor, and also the particular style to put into your bathroom, never forgetting Safety as well as moisture resistant floors as key factor in making the choice.

The following materials can be installed on the bathroom floor. Ceramic Tile, Stone, Marble and Slate, Vinyl, Wood and Linoleum

Steps towards Installing the Floor

Access your bathroom’s layout plan
Turn off water supply to the toilet with the shutoff valve and empty the bowl by flushing away water.
Carefully remove old tiles, wood molding, baseboards, and pull up carpet around the doorframe.
Cut plywood to the length and width of your bathroom.
Start laying down your flooring.

Installing Hardwood over Asbestos Tile

Installing hardwood over asbestos tile is not a big problem. You can easily do it via keeping certain rules instructions in mind. The best thing to do would be to speak to a professional in order to get the job done without any hassles. According to the law, all building materials holding asbestos should be removed. You must take help of a certified and licensed asbestos abatement company. This can be a bit expensive but will definitely offer you what you want. It would also save you from getting in to any law related hassles during the installation.

Make sure that you install a floating floor on the existing tiles. Try purchasing products from reputed manufacturers. You would require meeting with an experienced professional personally in order to make sure that you get the right deal. Search on the World Wide Web to get information on the same. This will also allow you to get some discounts on the overall deal.

What to Expect With Your Flooring Installation

Refinishing of hardwood floors is a process that can be undertaken by you without any difficulty. This can be easily done without having to spend extra money on paying to professionals for installation of flooring. All you require doing is to follow the instructions given online. Make sure that you keep things handy. This will help you install the flooring in the best possible manner.

Older floors made of wood can be easily restored to their original beauty via acquiring sound and exact knowledge on how to refinish and install hardwood floors. There are several books online that can help you in this regard. Most of these books are free and allow you to equip yourself with brilliant information on how to install flooring and what to expect exactly form installation of flooring. Just make a good research online and you will get best of results. All the best!

Pros and cons of marble flooring

Marble flooring has become the latest trend of home décor for people who give more emphasis on delicacy and aristocracy. But there are some advantages and drawbacks attached to flooring your residence or office with marble.

Marble flooring not only gives an elegant surface to your home but also provides financial commitments because of their long lasting nature. These are made of a kind of hit proof hard stone therefore; you need not have to worry about scratches on the surface. Marble is a durable material; ideally you would not need to change it in your lifetime once you install it. Moreover, marble is an absolutely cold material in nature. You would love to walk bare footed inside the room during summer season if you have marble flooring done.

On the contrary, marble flooring is an expensive design. Per sq ft costs somewhere around $4 to $8 which is often beyond the reach of general people. The maintenance cost is also very high for marble because one needs to regularly polish it to keep it clean, shining and graceful.

Installing a new bathroom floor

If you want to give your bathroom a new and luxurious look then you can try out any one of the latest materials available in the market; viny1, wood or linoleum.

Once you decide the material that you would like to use for replacement then you have to measure the total area which needs to be covered. You need to vacate the bathroom by removing all unnecessary items lying on the floor along with the toilet pan. However, you can keep the bathroom vanity as it is. Take the measurement once again, remove floor tile and trim the base accordingly.Cut the plywood according to the measurement and fix it on the floor. Lay out a laminate board on it depending on the material that would be used. Seal it and wait for 24 hours for it to get dry.

The very next day start installing the material which you wanted to use for flooring. Use caulks to seal the new flooring around the bathroom walls, bathtub and toilet.

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