Design your courtyard

A beautiful courtyard does much more than just adding value to your property. A well designed courtyard is an ideal place to relax with your family after a tiring day at work. It is also a good space to entertain guests in the evening. Just sit in your courtyard and enjoy the fragrance of the flowers in the air. There is no better way than this to rejuvenate a tired mind and body. However, you need to keep certain design basics in your mind while you plan the layout of your courtyard.

For instance, you should not include a seating area in your courtyard if it is too small. This will only make your courtyard look more cluttered. Similarly the flower beds, benches and lighting that you decide upon for your courtyard should go with the courtyard style you have selected. Random use of fixtures will break down the flow of the space and achieve disastrous results.

Modern flooring patterns

Different parts of the house have different flooring needs. For example, fire and water resistance and maintenance are the main concerns while deciding on the flooring patterns for kitchen. On the other hand, anti slip flooring patterns that have more friction is best suited for a kid’s room and bathrooms. Similarly, solid wood flooring is ideal to provide an elegant look to a living room, while a bedroom floor should look classy and at the same time be durable.

Carpet tiles are a good choice for bedroom flooring as they look good and last longer than regular hardwood floors. These look quite contemporary as well. Some other modern flooring patterns that you can check out while deciding about the flooring for your house are – mosaic tile patterns that either make use of different shapes or are available in a fan design, tiles with contrasting colors and strapped tile patterns. Whichever flooring pattern you choose, make sure that it is within your budget.

Bamboo flooring in kitchen

Using bamboo flooring in your kitchen is the best way to bring a little bit of nature into your home. Apart from the fact that it is quite easy to clean, it is also great to look at. Moreover, as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, using the same for flooring is a good way to go green in your kitchen space. Bamboo is also a renewable product and can be reused for other purposes.

Additionally, bamboo flooring in the kitchens have the same or higher style quotient than hardwood flooring. It also has a better feel and is stronger than regular hardwood flooring. Whether you opt for horizontal grain bamboo flooring or vertical grain bamboo flooring, you can be sure that it is fire and water resistant. However, in case you have pets at home, surface scratches can be a problem for you as bamboo flooring is prone to scratching and denting.

Tiled courtyards

Courtyards can be given a Portuguese grandeur or a Mexican pristine feeling. It can have a state-of-art or pastoral touch. It entirely depends on the penchant of one building it. A tiled courtyard is a subject of dream. Tiles can create magic with the appeal of a place. It gives courtyards an illusion of space even while embellishing it in terms of visual beauty.

The courtyards can be held by great foliage and small fountains. These create a sense of warmth and greenery and mixes well with the concrete effect of tiles. Glass, ceramic or metal tiles are common. Perlite or mineral wool can also be used for tiles. For courtyard embellishing, tiles used are mixed comprehensively with sand, cement and an adhesive made of latex. Even stone floor tiles can be used to create a pristine yet unusual impact of being closer to the earthy shades of nature. Tiled courtyards certainly pack a punch if you can afford them.

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