Should you set up an artificial lawn?

artificial lawn, home decorMany people are going for artificial settings in their home. With advancement of technology, there are a lot of changes which have been brought about in our lives and home décor items have taken a step forward.

Artificial flowers, artificial grass, plants etc. have been designed and developed in such a way that they seem very real and authentic. You can use artificial grass to doll up your lawn and get an artificial lawn at your home. The best news is that it’s very easy to set these up and you can do it yourself. You should definitely go for artificial grass instead of natural grass if you want, because they are durable, they look real, feel good and you don’t have to cut them or water them and you don’t even have to spend hours in order to maintain them too. You can either set it up yourself or you can ask for help from the people you buy it from.

Designing a pergola

A pergola is a standing structure that is used to provide shade in a particular area in an outdoor living space such as a patio, pool deck or a garden. Installing a pergola in your garden is a great way to enjoy sitting out on a lovely sunny day in the shade. You can either choose a free standing pergola that is quite flexible and can be moved around the garden, or a pergola that is attached to a part of the house. This largely depends on the seating arrangement in your garden.

The pergolas available in the market come in various designs and can be made of different types of materials. Depending on your landscape, you can opt for wooden rectangular shaped pergolas or get a curved pergola fitted with curtains custom-designed to suit your needs. The basic frame of most pergolas is made of wood that can be fitted with canopy, fiberglass or colored glass to complement your landscape.

Tips for outdoor lighting

The main aim of having proper outdoor lighting is to ensure good visibility around the perimeter of the house and to give it a distinct feature during night time. Selecting right type of lighting fixtures and ensuring a proper layout and wiring form the foundation of good outdoor lighting. It is also important to ensure that the outdoor lights are waterproof so that they do not blow their fuse every time it rains. In addition, it should be extremely safe so that there are no unwarranted instances of electrocution due to faulty or loose wiring.

In case you have a walkway leading to your home, you can simply use outdoor lighting on both sides of it to illuminate the path. That apart, you can use outdoor lighting to highlight certain eye-catching features of your garden such as a water fountain, a bird bath or a small rock garden. You can also place a spotlight on a dense tree to simulate moonlight.

Bird baths – lovely garden additions

Have you ever imagined how nice it would be to wake up to the sweet chirpings of birds instead of the jarring sound of your alarm clock. If you think that such an occurring is possible only in an idyllic pastoral setting, you are wrong. You can achieve this in your home by adding a lovely bird bath in your garden. These will not only make for lovely garden additions but also help keep your garden insect free. You can either buy a beautiful stone bird bath from the market or make one yourself.

While traditional bird bath designs comprise a bowl and a pedestal, generally made of concrete, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and styles available in the market. You can also opt for bird baths made of glass, metal, plastic or mosaic tiles as per the style of your garden. Make sure that you fill these bird baths with clean water every day.

Landscaping for a small space

Landscaping for a small space can be quite a challenge if you have too many ideas about what you want to do in that little space. However, using some simple design tricks, such as including raised flower beds and container garden and applying the color theory can help you create an illusion of larger space while landscaping. Since containers are available in various shapes, sizes and materials, they are ideal to be used in small spaces. Moreover, they can be moved around conveniently to achieve different settings.

You can also incorporate eye-catching features such as fountains, ponds, bird baths or a water garden to enhance the look of your garden. Having curved walkways and paths also create an illusion of larger space as they are not in line with the straight lines of the backyard space. Anything you do to diffuse the shape of your small landscape area will achieve a similar result.