Essential Tips For Decorating Your Home

Decorating your homeDecorating your home is like an art and there is no rule book describing you as to what to do and what not to do. Decorating your home is experimental thing and it varies from person to person. There are lots of things involved in decorating your home and taking the right decision can be a bit challenging. But however decorating your home is nice process and learning through the process and making changes likewise is something you would do while decorating your home. Decorating your home is a process of imagining, dreaming and exploring and getting the best results out of it. Decorating your home is not such a skill which takes years to master it’s just a thing which should be tried and true things work. Decorating your home is like developing your own creative, quirky and rule breaking intuition. Here are some of the tips for decorating your home.

  • Choose the paint color at last

Most of the homeowners choose the paint color before they move in the house. All have a predefined notion as to this paint will be go and this will be good as they have it in their old house. But this can be a big mistake as the paint which goes in your old house might not be suitable for your new one. There are plenty of paints with different shades, tones and tints and each one of them looks different in different homes. Paint colors looks good based on many different things like amount of light coming in your home, your furniture, your décor items and many such other things complements your paint color. Thus while decorating your home with paint, choose the paint color in the end. Thus move in your home, see your stuff and pick a color which complements all of them.

  • Don’t overdo your furniture

While decorating your home, many of you fills your space with too much of furniture which makes your home overcrowded. You don’t need to fill your space with too much furniture that you don’t even get space to move around the room freely. Keep some empty space so that you and your furniture both can breathe easily. When there is excessive furniture in the home, there is also chance of getting banged in with the furniture over and again which can even hurt you. Thus it is advisable to keep your furniture light. Keep les furniture pieces but keep qualitative ones.

  • Hang artwork at right height

If you see in galleries and museums, they hang the artwork in the center or midline of the wall but while decorating your home, don’t use this technique. You must any artwork to the average height of the people which is about 57 inches. This can catch attention of the people very easily. If the ceiling of your home is very high then don’t go for hanging the wall art at the center or else it will look really odd. You can hang paintings, your own pictures or any other such thing of your choice.

Get an above ground pool

above ground poolFor the home owner who lacks the funds or space required to construct a traditional, dug out swimming pool, the above ground pool is a cheap and viable alternative. Not only is an above ground pool easier to build, it can also be installed at an elevated location such as a roof top, assuming there is enough space and support for all that much liquid weight.

The first step to building an above ground swimming pool is the leveling of the land; these pools usually have an even bottom instead of a deep and shallow end. Then a perimeter foundation track is laid down, these acts as a framework upon which the exterior walls are to be built. The walls are composed of metal, wood or plastic, depending on the home-owner’s preference. The walls are then reinforced with some form of waterproof lining to increase the structure’s longevity. Finally the pool floor is coated with sand and the plumbing systems are installed. And your pool is done, ready to cool you off in the hot summer months.

Above ground pools are so easy to build even amateurs can assemble them with relative ease and this has lead to DIY pool kits which home-owners can put together, themselves. Some of the other advantages of above ground pools are the facts that they can be disassembled and transported with relative ease as well as the high level of customizability.

To install one, here are some steps you could do with: first choose a pool you really like and select the area in the lawn where you want the installation done. Grade and level an area which is larger than the actual pool size. Then the required steps can be done by the professionals hired.

Acrylic sheet for home décor

Acrylic sheetAcrylic sheets are gaining popularity because of its lightweight texture. While using acrylic you can be sure that your wall will remain secure for years to come.  Many people opt for acrylic to fashion their rooms, verandah etc to give it a defined yet colorful appeal. This product is not only durable but also beautiful. There are various types and sizes of acrylic sheets and one must choose accordingly based on the requirements. Acrylic sheets are easy to maintain and provide first class protection to your home décor. These attractive sheets transform the look of your room thereby preserving the quality of the furniture too.

The best way to remodel your home is by using acrylic sheets as it protects your walls with water, humidity, bumps, scrapes or by drawing done on the walls by little kids! Acrylic sheets are much more affordable and shatterproof than tiles or wall cladding.

Building a backyard shed

backyard shed, backyardDo you have an idea of building a backyard shed? You can use it as a storage shed as well a garden shed. It is important to choose the best material for your shed.

• Plastic shed can be molded and shaped. Plastic sheds are long lasting and it gives a stylized look to the shed. The earliest plastic gets damaged from the UV rays. But now a days plastics have good shielding capacity. You can store pool tools, garden tools and small equipments in the sheds.
• Vinyl sheds are similar to plastic material. It is good for common use. It provides a good shielding to the shed.
• Wood sheds are the best material for a backyard shed. It is sustainable and suitable for all the weather conditions. It gives a rich modern look and good lifetime.
• Metal sheds are sturdy and long lasting. It needs a minimum maintenance. Painted steel sheds are the valuable sheds on the market.

Add a retro touch to your home with beaded door curtains

beaded door curtains, home decor ideasIf retro is coming back as a fashion when it come s to clothes, can decors of the same style be left behind? Give your house a new retro chic look with beaded door curtains and see what a world of difference it does to the entire look of your house. The beads can be of many types like bamboo, crystals, plastic, acrylic, wood, metal, glass, shell and many more. The bamboo ones are the most common but crystal ones are the favorite.

The crystal beads play up the light and can single handedly brighten up a room. They give a stylish yet homey feel. The bamboo ones can add elegance while the same bamboo beads when painted give a bohemian look. Take a pick from all the options available, beaded curtains are a fun and cool addition to any house. So which one did you choose?

5 great ways to do up your spare room

Home decor ideas, home decorConverting a spare room in your home in to a useful place can be a challenging task for you. However to ease out your efforts, there are few options that you can consider if you find it difficult to consider what to do exactly with your spare room.

You can convert your spare room in to a gaming room to get an ultimate gaming experience. You just need to install the full set up inclusive of the display, home theatres, gaming kit and a place like a sofa or a day bed where you sit and play.

If you convert your spare room in to a gym with some of the necessary equipments like multi gym, cross trainer, jogger etc.

You turn set up a small library and reading room there with all your collection of books. In thus way you will end up getting a room where you can spend some quality time.

If you are a true admirer of music then you can set up a music room as well in the spare space.
You can also use your spare room to store items of memorabilia so that you can cherish your memories at a later point of time.

5 tips to do up a guy’s space

Men's room, home decorThere are a few things that are required for a guy’s space. First of all, a good television is something that every guy loves. Therefore, get yourself a large screened flat LCD so that you can enjoy the game and call your friends over to enjoy the game for you. A gaming console is another important item in the guy’s room.

The next important thing is a dartboard. A group guys can spend an entire day playing darts and therefore, a dart board is a must in the guy’s room. A sound system of at least 2600 watts is something that is very important in the room. It should come with a good collection of rock and roll music so that the spirits are always high in the room. Finally, a little counter table which can be used as a mini bar for the guys is something the room needs.

Do up your little girl’s room in a perfect way

Kid’s room décor, home decorDoing up a room in your home for your little girl is not a very difficult thing. The girls are normally very specific about their and always look to do something unique in their room. Everything starting from the walls, bed to the study table, cabinet, wardrobe everything should have a girly touch and should be unique. There are many designs now days available in the market which makes the décor perfect for your little girl. You can put up various wall stickers to decorate the room.

The walls can painted with shades consisting of princesses, Barbie, flower, etc which are always favorite things of the girls. The colors of the laminates used in the bed, cabinets etc should be very bold and dark. Light and soothing colors like pink, white etc are the personal favorites of most girls. If you keep these few things in mind while decorating the room, your little girl will definitely like it.

Antique lamps, a perfect accessory for vintage lovers

Antique lamps, home decor accessoriesAre you planning to give you home a brand new look by giving it a makeover? If yes, you can think about doing something really different and out of the ordinary. Give your home an antique feel. It will add charm and décor to your home décor and you can be rest assured that your guests will go gaga once they see your newly decorated homes.

Accessories play a very important role in antique home décor and one accessory that you must get is the antique lamps. Loved by vintage lovers, these lamps come in varied styles and designs. So, you will need to choose a period of history first. The antique lamp from the Art Deco period will be different from the antique lamp of the Georgian candelabra. If you want something extremely elegant, you can opt for the Oriental porcelain antique lamp that has been popular for the past 250 years.

Add Mirror to Your Bedroom Décor for Something Extra

Home decor accessories, bedroom decorMirrors can do wonders to home décor. One of the best places to use mirror work is your bedroom. Mirrors provide a very serene and fresh feel to rooms and a bedroom is a place which should always create a comfortable and inviting fresh feel. Using a mirror in a room doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go for a traditional mirror used to check reflections. Apart from that you can have your own mirror lighting for a bright feel. Lamp mirror works are a rage these days, especially for bedroom art. You can also go for a mirror motif art hung or built n above your bed for a classy contemporary feel.

Futuristic mirror art can also be use at bedposts and ceilings. When using traditional mirrors you can even go for decorative border work for a vintage feel. You can go for copper, bronze or silver colored vintage border art for your vanity dressing table mirror.

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