Types Of Bathtubs

Many people think that bathtub is going out of fashion and a shower room is replacing it. Even many bathroom remodeling companies have started doing this. But there are many people who still have a craze of having a nice bathtub and spend some relaxing time there in. There are many homeowners who cannot compare their time of unfolding a book with a hot bathtub in long and cold winter months. It is just the experience which they cannot replace at any cost and this thing makes the value of bathtub still prevalent. Bathtubs are truly non replaceable and non-interchangeable. If you are a bath lover then there are many types of bathtubs from which you can pick the one and install in your bathroom and your pleasures time there. There are plenty of bathtubs for every type of bathroom even small bathroom or large bathroom, want cheaper one or luxurious one, you can anything in bathtubs.

  • Free standing tub

Free standing bathtubFree standing tubs are such types of tubs which are not attached or connected to the floors, walls or any other surface. It is a classic type of tub but it does needs a large and huge bathroom to be installed. You need to have a big bathroom so that you can roam around the bathroom after putting the bathtub in the room. Free standing bathtubs are comparative more costly then drop-in tubs and alcove tubs. Thus for installing a free standing bathtub you need to have a house to be worthy for such tub as free standing bathtubs are all about freedom of space and freedom of movement.



  • Alcove bathtub

Alcove bathtubIf you are short on your budget then you can opt for alcove bathtubs. These types of bathtubs are the cheapest and easiest to buy and also install. Being cheap you have to pay for the sizes as these types of bathtubs are usually only 60 inches long. Alcove bathtubs are the most common types of bathtubs and most of us have also grown with these types of bathtubs. These are the bathtubs which fit in a three wall enclosure type of bathroom. When the walls are fitted or tiled with panels then such type of enclosure can be used for shower and tub combination. Hence with the same space, you have shower along with having bathtub. Alcove bathtub is best for maximizing the space. It is such a tub which has the smallest footprint. General length of an alcove bathtub is about 60 inches but it can vary from 53 inches to 72 inches.


  • Corner bathtub

Corner bathtubCorner bathtub is not about giving bath to your children’s. These are considered as the luxurious bathtubs. If you want a couple baths then these are the most suitable bathtubs. These types of bathtubs are very expensive and it generally eats up plenty of space of floor and they appear to have not much of practical use. These types of tubs are usually thought of three sided but it is actually a triangular five sided bathtub. One of the thing which is downfall of this type of bathtubs is that it takes too much time to be filled up.



How to choose a mattress

choose a mattressGood night sleep is an important criterion for your sleep. Consideration like complementing the mattress is important for the pattern of sleep. Preference of your partner is also important and so is the budget. You have to decide properly and wisely before plunging in and purchasing the mattress. The fixture in your room also depends whether you have to purchase it for permanent use or temporary use. There are different range of mattresses that are available which can be classic, soft, plush, basic, firm and high technology. Every range of mattress is available quite easily. The steps required to choose are:

• Material matters in selection – foam mattress can be moulded easily to the desired shape in which you lie down. Those who need a shape as such that they do not move much during the night then it is good. Comfortable sleep number type is ideal as it can be converted into both hard and soft. You just need to touch the button. The zones may vary.

• Brand versus local – if you go by the selection of brand or local then both have its own value since at times brands are better but local too has its own touch. Cheaper mattress at times does not signify that the quality will be cheap too. It is dependent upon the coils which matters as independent coils have large number of coils in comparison and those who are light sleeper find it easy.

• Navigating the store – searching and browsing for mattress store is no harm both in shops as well as in online stores. Even if you are not satisfied with one mattress then you can browse through or can come even twice to the same shop. Mattress can be tested in the showrooms and you will get the idea of thickness. If the mattress does not feel comfortable then it does not feel good to take it home.

• Meeting the budget – mattresses do come in discounted price so you must negotiate. If few extra things are added like spring back and pillow top then it is all the more advantageous. You have to note that the mattress should come with warranty otherwise there is no point in purchasing it.

In case of any defect in the mattress you can always go and exchange it from the shop where you purchased it but make sure they give a guarantee with it. If you want a replacement to your mattress you can do so from those shops who allows it. You should also take personal care of the mattress as cleaning is ideal and if there are kids in the house then you have to see that they do not jump up on the mattress. Pricking should be discarded as far as mattress is concerned. Change is the only constant and going by the saying you should keep on changing the mattress. It is sane to invest in a temporary mattress for those who need to go for a change every time.

Top 7 Must Have Bedroom Accessories

Bedroom AccessoriesAs a homemaker it is your responsibility to make sure that every bedroom in your house whether it is your bedroom or your kid’s bedroom should be like an oasis. All the bedrooms in your home should be a haven in which you, your family members or guests can relax and stay peacefully.

It is very important that you design your bedroom efficiently and attractively because it adds to the value of your home as and when you plan to sell it. When you sell your home then it will have more demand in the market if the bedrooms in the house are decorated in an appealing way and the right accessories are utilized in the bedrooms.

Your bedroom has to be serene and charming at the same time. You can experiment with your bedroom as much as you want because the bedroom décor will be based on your personal likes and dislikes. However you ought to ensure that your bedroom is decorated in such a way that it emits positive energy at all times.

In case you are confused as to how to decorate your bedroom then here are the top 7 must have bedroom accessories on which you must invest.

• It would be interesting if you can add a walk-in closet to your bedroom because it would serve two purposes. First of all, it will make your bedroom look really beautiful and spacious. Secondly, it would turn out to be extremely functional as well.

• Make sure that you do not spend much on the flooring and invest in some posh carpets or rugs which will enhance the overall appeal of your bedroom. Get hold of carpets or rugs which have top-notch designs and texture. However ensure that the carpet or rug that you select is compatible with the other décor in your room.

• Lighting is an important component of your bedroom. Therefore you should think about investing in pendant lights or chandeliers which will add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. Decorative lamps can also be a good addition to your bedroom if you have side tables.

• Wall stickers or wallpapers can perhaps be a very pleasant and trendy addition to your bedroom. You can utilize wall stickers or wallpapers to personalize your bedroom and make it look unique.

• If you want your bedroom to be luxurious and chic then you must invest in deluxe bedding options. Buy superior quality linens, mattresses, bed covers, pillow covers etc. so that your bedroom appears to be more attractive.

• Furniture pieces of different kinds are must have bedroom accessories. Wall shelves, clothing racks, beanbags, chaise lounges, decorative side tables, armchairs, sofas etc have to be a part of your bedroom as these are absolutely useful and make your bedroom look pleasant.

• Antique decorations such as clocks, photo frames, vases, statues, lighting fixtures, carpets, rugs and so on can be perfect for your bedroom especially if you have the ability to ensure that these decorations match the overall décor of your bedroom.

Getting To Know Walk In Bathtubs Better

Walk In BathtubsAs a homeowner, it is your duty to make sure that every room in your house is comfortable and looks beautiful. Every room in your house serves a particular purpose. The bathroom is usually considered to be a personal space where people take a shower or relax in the bathtub. If you are planning to install a bathtub in your bathroom then the walk in bathtubs should be your first choice. These have become increasingly popular among the people belonging to the different parts of the world.

Walk in bathtubs can also be called safety tubs because you do not have to step over any ridge to get into the tub. These bathtubs have doors that allow you to enter the bathtubs very conveniently and quickly. If you have elderly people in your home or some handicapped person then you must install the walk in bathtubs as these are designed specifically to meet the needs of disabled or elderly people. These bathtubs are usually very small and deep when compared to the standard bathtubs.

In case you have small bathrooms then you can utilize the walk in bathtubs because these are tall and are not that long or wide. You can fit them in any small corner of your small sized bathroom. The doors of these bathtubs get fastened and sealed when the water fills the tub so that the flooding of your bathroom can be avoided. The walls and bottom of the walk in bathtub is made with non-skid materials so that you do not slip and fall when the bathtub is wet. Safety rails are also present in these bathtubs.

You can buy the walk in bathtubs from the online stores or some local stores as these bathtubs come in different colors, sizes, shapes and depth that also at reasonable prices.

Some useful must have home tools in your toolbox

tool box, home improvementWhen we do small repairs around the house, many a times, we find that we have something missing and we have to, either borrow what you need or rush to the nearest store. Instead of doing, this every time something breaks or falls off or leaks, it’s better to keep yourself well equipped. Having a toolbox makes things easier for everyone. Here are some basic items, which you need to keep in your home toolbox. First of all, keep a measuring tape.

They are needed for small projects and repair work. Keep a handsaw at hand too. Power handsaws are available too but the traditional handsaw never fails to help at the most desperate times. Keeping pliers, screwdrivers, and screws are also necessary. Along with those, make sure you have duct tape. Staple gun, a claw hammer and a Battery-Powered Drill are also a must. Finally keep a flashlight handy, as you never know if you have to work during a power shortage or in dark / dim areas or not.

Ways to fireproof your wood fireplace chimney

wood fireplace chimney, fireplaceMore often than not, wood chimneys catch fire due to the heavy deposition of creosote which gets layered up in the chimney, which when gets too hot results in mishaps. Fireproofing your chimney is very essential if you have a wood fireplace. Wood fireplaces, despite being very beautiful and ornate, can be really tricky if not maintained well. Hence it is very essential that you regularly clean up the chimney and keep it in a tended manner, heres some helpful points to go about it.

• Invest in a good chimney brush and a cleaner, the cleaner will loosen the grip of the deposits in the chimney wall which in turn will make it easier to scrub out the dirt from it
• Use a shop Vac to vacuum out the debris on regular intervals
• Properly clean the chimney linear as per the frequency with which your chimney is used.

Home Owners Guide to a Clutter Free Christmas

home improvement ideas, home careChristmas time is here again and that means it’s time to clear out the clutter and decorate your home in a nice and welcoming manner to spend a wonderful time with family, friends, and guests. In order to have a neat and clean home, you need to start organizing your items around and make your home look presentable. Start with the grounds first. Dusting, cleaning, and washing- do whatever it takes to get rid of the dust from the rooms all over-from the furniture floor and decorative items.

Then make sure there is enough room to walk around easily. Arrange your furniture in a manner that is comfortable and which looks good at the same time. Then you should make sure that you have enough space on the table, desks, mantel, and the walls too, for Christmas decorations. Put up some fairy lights in the living room to create a warm feel.

Vapor barrier myths busted

Air barriers, vapor barriersThere are a lot of myths associated with vapor barriers. One such common myth is that if a concrete floor is kept bare, it will be cold and damp. It is a not a completely true statement. The modern houses that have the concrete flooring are insulated properly and therefore, the statement does not hold true in this regard. Then there are codes of building that require the vapor barrier under the floor slabs.

Another myth is that since it is not possible to keep the cracks covered in the concrete floors, they need to be kept covered. However, a lot people can actually keep them like that to get that rustic appeal. In many cases the fractures are acquired by staining the floor and leaving some of the minor cracks on them exposed. These are some of the myths associated to vapor barrier.

Repairing and maintaining drainage systems

Maintaining drainage systems, drainage systemThe main problem which many homes face with their drainage is that they clog up fast. Clogging of drains is not just problematic but also very unhealthy. Checking the drainage system of your kitchen and bathroom is very important as you can steer clear of potential allergies, infections and diseases. Stagnant water and dirt can cause many problems. Repairing a broken or damaged drain and maintenance is very important.

For problems like a complete breakdown of plumbing should be handled professionally. For other matters, you can do it yourself. Put in a metal mesh at the mouth of sinks and drains. Clean drains at least one a week with common tools. Also putting bleach in your drainage system once every 3 to 4 months is a good idea. Garbage disposal should be done carefully so that they don’t clog up and block your drains. Sometimes, this is the root case of drain damages.

Tips to make your home extension easier

Home extension, home renovationIn the recent times when the world is going through such vast improvements in the various spheres of our lives, various new ideas are successfully getting merged with the conventional course of our lives. One of the factors of our lives which are going through such vast changes in ideas is the sphere of decorating our homes. Extension of homes has become one of the most important aspects of home decoration in the recent years and is one of the best ways of effectively increasing the living space of our homes.

There are various things that you should keep in mind if you are planning a home extension that would make the process of much easier. One of the first and foremost things that you need to keep in mind while planning a home extension is judging the area of your property where you would like the extension to be done.

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