Pepping up your staircase

staircase designIn this paper we show different ideas we’ve been collecting for different uses that can give the dead space under the stairs we have in our homes. From storage spaces, cellars, desks, shelves, even to an extendable bed can be a good solution to make better use of marginal spaces we have under the stairs. And since a picture is worth a thousand words we leave with them, expect them to be a source of inspiration and we comities more uses you can think of.

Ideas for stairs stylish, original and fun

Decorate always raises questions, but especially if it comes to how to decorate hallways and stairs because of the latter usually have fewer referents. So with this article, we have tried to bring you some original ideas make your stairs different and interesting spaces. As always, you only need a few jars to create thousands of solutions. We’ll show how sometimes just paint the riser or the trace or the rails or even just a detail to make it look really attractive to your stairs.

Paint the stair risers

This is painting the risers of the stairs with very special ideas. This formula is the most abundant for its resistance to rubbing, as it is an area that is not very gimmicky steps and if you look from the front. But if you dare, you can also go for prints. In these images below we propose three ideas full of charm. In the first, moles are used, whilst it has been painted footprint. In the second, the bet goes through the variety of prints, creating a cheerful harmony. The third is used to translate a message even motivating or fun. In this type of work also abound classic white and black, but with the right design can lead to a very modern and groundbreaking effect or something so endearing and fun as we see in the pictures of kittens of the third picture.

Spiral Stairs are Elegant & Edgy

Spiral Stairs, stairsLiving in a multiple-story facilitates the actual need o a staircase. Stair cases take up lot of floor space and they need to be decorations around it that go with the ambience of the house. Spiral staircases are a good way of saving space. These staircases are available in the market mainly for it capacity to reduce floor space use up. They come in different styles and in different makes.

Contrary to popular belief spiral staircases are pretty reliable. There are those that come with rails which avoids people from falling off the stairs. The stair treads are chosen out properly because of it wedge like shape requirements. Grandiose designs and patterns can be made on the rails which suite the decorative needs of your home. The stair treads can also be carpeted in order to give it a cozy look. Using a spiral staircase for access to the attic is one elegant way of decorating homes.

Safety tips for stairs

Most home accidents take place on the stairs of the house. To avoid such mishaps, you should keep the following safety tips in mind. Make sure that your stairs are well lighted so that there is little scope for accidents. Always be careful while carrying heavy things up and down the stairs. Stairs and landing should always be clutter free and you should be extra careful while cleaning them. If you have weak eyesight, use glasses while climbing or coming down the stairs.

You can also minimize the risk of accidents by holding the handrails while using stairs. Carpeting the stairs is a good way to reduce their slipperiness. This will also act as a cushion in case an accident takes place. Avoid the use of stairs if you are feeling a little unsteady, either due to some illness or over consumption of alcohol. Do not run up and down the stairs in a hurry.