Understanding the basics of post frame construction

Post frame construction, construction tipsPost frame construction is an engineered building system which makes the use of wood frame methods. It has been into practise since ages for agricultural and commercial purposes. Vertical wood posts being placed at particular distances to form structures, is the basic that incorporates post frame post structure designs. It all depends on the spacing to make it as high as a 3 storey building. The advancement of technology, wood laminate products and engineering now of late post frame construction is used to build garages and residential homes. Post frame construction, apart from freeing the limits of height and width, also has other advantages:

1. The Eviction time is comparatively faster.
2. The insulation value garnered is also better.
3. The look and style is unlimited. The desired shape and figure can be obtained.
It is a perfect solution to low raise building.

How to personalize your kid’s room

We all want our kid’s room to be the most brightest and colorful room in the house. A lot of parents decide on the basic things like color of the walls and curtains depending on the gender of the baby. However once the baby grow up and has a taste, the room needs to be done up again.

Here are a few easy steps that you can follow that can help you personalize your kid’s room:

1)      Know your kid’s favorite cartoon character. It is useless to paint the room with Spiderman when all he likes is Mickey Mouse! Ask your painter to paint your kid’s favorite character on his wall.

2)      Get to know his taste. Does he look irritated when he spots colors that are too bright? If so then go for lighter hues for his walls and curtains.

3)      Depending on whether your kid like to play or has an artistic bend of mind, stock his room up with the right things.

How to resurface your bathtub

bathtub resurfacing, bathroom careHere is a list of instructions that you can follow if you want to resurface your bathtub:

1) You have to carve the caulk that is connecting the surrounding walls to the bathtub and the fixtures. Use a sharp knife to do it.                                         The old caulk has to be replaced for the bathtub to get a new look.

2) Mask the holes off, also the drains, and the faucets using masking tape. You could also use protective plastic for this purpose. This will protect the area from stain or damage.

3) Then you will have to scrape out from the tub using a scraper. This will remove the layer of scum that is gathered.

4) Then you will have to wipe the entire tub with a rag. You will have to use an alkaline emulsifier. This will help you clean the wax or scum that remains on the buildup of the bathtub

Tips To Resurface Your Bathtub

Bath tubs often get old after years of use and one may feel the need to replace it with a new bathtub. However, getting a new bathtub can not only be a costly option but also it can be very tough to find a new bathtub that matches the ambience and colours of one’s bathroom. A more cost effective solution is to resurface one’s bathtub instead of buying a brand new one.

Resurfacing one’s bathtub is a very easy and simple step by step procedure that can be done by most people if they have the patience and preparations. First one needs to adequately protect him/her as the chemicals used in resurfacing are harmful in nature. The initial chemicals remove the oil and dirt from the surface and make the bathtub ready for the primer. Then apply the primer reducer and next the primer itself. Next the base coat should be applied followed by the final top coat.