DIY tips to fix your house plumbing

A lot of people think that professional help is of utmost help when faced with a house plumbing problem. However, this is not right. If you are plagued with simple, small plumbing issues there is no need to call a professional plumber; you can do it alone. One of the most common plumbing problems is clogs. If there is a drain clog in your sink, you can try pulling out the pop-up drain stopper. More often than not, materials like hair get stuck in the stopper and causes clogs.

A running toilet is also a very common plumbing problem. In this case the water keeps running when you flush the toilet and it does not stop until and unless you jiggle the handle slightly. If you are facing this problem, you should remove the lid that is located at the back of the toilet, reach inside and elevate the plunger arm. This will stop the running water.


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