How to avoid scratches on your marble flooring

With irregular and non-proper caring of cleanings, any type of marbles can result being scratched and become dulled over fleeting time. These surface unwanted scratches may be washed and erased at home itself, generally without any of the services of any professional. Here are few recommended way:

Things you will need:

  • Fine sandpaper or Grade #000 steel wool or Gel Gloss
  • Soft cloths
  • Water
  • Marble Polish

Steps to be followed:

Utilize fine sandpaper or may be a steel wool to buff or sand out the unwanted scratches. While using sandpapers ensure that you elect the apt grit or you might create much-more number of scratches, than you want to remove.

  • When Gel Gloss is used, follow up the using instructions that appear on package.
  • Then Rinse the space with water.
  • Try to dry the space with any soft cloth.
  • Use marble polish in order to regain the shine and shield the new surfaces.

Also remember:

  • When the scratches are tiny and on top of the surface also, sometimes then can, straddle buffed out by using a soft good cleaning cloth.
  • Very indebt scratches or big problem areas must be doctored by only a professional. Make sure they are well experienced and equipped with the particular kind of marble you are using.
  • However, cultured marble is unlike true marble and not fit to be fixed as per the procedures mentioned above.


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