How to personalize your kid’s room

We all want our kid’s room to be the most brightest and colorful room in the house. A lot of parents decide on the basic things like color of the walls and curtains depending on the gender of the baby. However once the baby grow up and has a taste, the room needs to be done up again.

Here are a few easy steps that you can follow that can help you personalize your kid’s room:

1)      Know your kid’s favorite cartoon character. It is useless to paint the room with Spiderman when all he likes is Mickey Mouse! Ask your painter to paint your kid’s favorite character on his wall.

2)      Get to know his taste. Does he look irritated when he spots colors that are too bright? If so then go for lighter hues for his walls and curtains.

3)      Depending on whether your kid like to play or has an artistic bend of mind, stock his room up with the right things.


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