How to resurface your bathtub

bathtub resurfacing, bathroom careHere is a list of instructions that you can follow if you want to resurface your bathtub:

1) You have to carve the caulk that is connecting the surrounding walls to the bathtub and the fixtures. Use a sharp knife to do it.                                         The old caulk has to be replaced for the bathtub to get a new look.

2) Mask the holes off, also the drains, and the faucets using masking tape. You could also use protective plastic for this purpose. This will protect the area from stain or damage.

3) Then you will have to scrape out from the tub using a scraper. This will remove the layer of scum that is gathered.

4) Then you will have to wipe the entire tub with a rag. You will have to use an alkaline emulsifier. This will help you clean the wax or scum that remains on the buildup of the bathtub


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