Insulation of home

Advanced apartments or buildings are thermally insulated in order to provide comfort to its many residents. It helps in palliating heat loss and also curtails chances of undesired heat gain. In times of winter and summer, such insulation can allow for greater comfort. Heat is generally transferred via three methods; conduction, convection and radiation. Think of an instance when heat dissipation during time of winter makes the house freezing cold. In such cases, the process of heat transfer checks the passageway of heat and keeps the insulation process active.

Materials like vermiculite, cellulose, urethane foam, glass wool and rock wool are a few materials used for thermal insulation. Density of material required for thermally insulating the building is important. Creating a vapor barrier is a technique of thermal insulation. Direction and critical intensity at which waves of heat energy are transferred also bears great significance in this regard.


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