Making Your Fireplace Baby-Proof

fireplaceOnce you become a parent it is your responsibility to ensure that your child does not get access to locations that are dangerous for them like the windows, staircases, garage, laundry room, kitchen, fireplace etc. Fireplace is perhaps the most harmful place in your house and you should not allow your baby to go near it at all. You must make sure that your baby listens to you when you tell him/her to stay away from the fireplace. But majority of the babies are naughty and so it might happen that your baby does not listen to you. Then the only option you have is to baby-proof the fireplace area in your home.

It will be a wise move on your part to install a gate in front of the fireplace which will be locked always so that it can be accessed only by you. If the edges of the fireplace are hard then you must used hearth pads to smooth them. In this way, your baby will not get injured if he/she falls on the edges that have been smoothened. You can utilize the hearth guards to cover the hearth surface entirely so that your child cannot access it in anyway.

Things that are used in a fireplace such as the lighter, matchstick, wood, coal etc should be kept under a lock and key so that your child does not get hold of them. Tools like brush, poker and tong should be placed in a secured location so that your child does not knock them over and get hurt.

You might notice after a few days that the fireplace is still not baby proofed effectively. Then the best option that you have is to remove the traditional fireplace and install an electric fireplace. The electric fireplace does not require any baby proofing as such.


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