Get an above ground pool

above ground poolFor the home owner who lacks the funds or space required to construct a traditional, dug out swimming pool, the above ground pool is a cheap and viable alternative. Not only is an above ground pool easier to build, it can also be installed at an elevated location such as a roof top, assuming there is enough space and support for all that much liquid weight.

The first step to building an above ground swimming pool is the leveling of the land; these pools usually have an even bottom instead of a deep and shallow end. Then a perimeter foundation track is laid down, these acts as a framework upon which the exterior walls are to be built. The walls are composed of metal, wood or plastic, depending on the home-owner’s preference. The walls are then reinforced with some form of waterproof lining to increase the structure’s longevity. Finally the pool floor is coated with sand and the plumbing systems are installed. And your pool is done, ready to cool you off in the hot summer months.

Above ground pools are so easy to build even amateurs can assemble them with relative ease and this has lead to DIY pool kits which home-owners can put together, themselves. Some of the other advantages of above ground pools are the facts that they can be disassembled and transported with relative ease as well as the high level of customizability.

To install one, here are some steps you could do with: first choose a pool you really like and select the area in the lawn where you want the installation done. Grade and level an area which is larger than the actual pool size. Then the required steps can be done by the professionals hired.

Residential fences for your home

Residential fencesLooking to combine the features of safety and design as far fences for your home property is concerned? Well below are some residential fences that you can consider before installing one in your house.

Electric fence: If you own a very big house with added areas such as a garden or a playing area or a tree house, it is most advisable to purchase an electric fence. This also means that if your hose is in an average residential locality, then installing electric fence would not be the best option. That being cleared, electric fences with their electric shock characteristic, are a brilliant deterrent for trespassers, thieves, even animals from breaking into a boundary.

Wooden fence: Wooden fencing has a traditional and old world charm about it. If you have a liking for vintage, wooden fencing is what you should go for. You never have to worry about a dull looking fence since there are various designs and styles to choose from while picking up wooden fences. If you have the correct tools and have some experience in handling hammers and few machines, you can install wooden fencing yourself.

Chain link fence: Chain link fencing does not require any maintenance, hence saving a lot of money, and gives a boundary security to your house that is extremely effective. If you add slats, you are guaranteed of privacy as well. These fences come in different types of colors like brown, green and black as well.

Vinyl fence: If wood is not your thing, you can opt for vinyl fencing as well. They are upgraded, better to look at and provide greater security than wood since they are tall and surround the whole background. If you are looking for longevity but also need to keep your budget in mind, this is your best choice.

Antique Bedroom Furniture

Antique Bedroom FurnitureBedroom is the only room in the house in which you can truly relax and spend some alone time. Therefore the bedroom décor has to be something that lightens up your mood and helps you relax effectively. You have to make sure that any décor accessory you utilize while decorating your bedroom has to be comfortable and beautiful. Antique furniture can be a perfect addition to your bedroom. This kind of furniture has become absolutely popular among most of the homeowners these days.

Antique furniture looks extremely graceful, decorative and artistic. The best thing about antique furniture is that it can be compatible with any kind of bedroom décor whatsoever. The overall appearance of your bedroom will be transformed for the better if you purchase antique furniture for it and your bedroom will have a distinctive yet beautiful look.

Top-notch quality wood such as rosewood and mahogany are usually utilized to manufacture antique bedroom furniture. Most of the antique furniture pieces have unique features that will make your bedroom décor extraordinary as well. Antique furniture pieces are available in the market in various kinds of designs. Some antique furniture pieces have stylish Gothic designs whereas the others have luxurious designs belonging to the Victorian period.

You can get hold of antique furniture sets for your bedroom instead of buying separate antique furniture pieces. Antique furniture sets turn out to be very costly. However, if you can afford the expensive antique bedroom furniture sets then you must do so because these are extremely invaluable and gorgeous.

On the other hand, you can purchase antique furniture pieces separately from the antique stores or online stores that sell antique furniture that also at affordable prices. But make sure that you explore as many stores as possible so that you can buy only superior-quality and stunning antique furniture for your bedroom.

Under Cabinet Lighting: Different Options That Are Available

Under Cabinet LightingA very important aspect of kitchen remodeling projects is the under cabinet lighting. People often get confused regarding the different options that are available in the market in relation to the under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet lighting fixtures will help highlight the backsplash you have installed in your remodeled kitchen. In addition to that, these will serve as the perfect task lighting fixtures in your kitchen as well. This article will put forward the various lighting options that can be fixed under your cabinet effectively and expediently.

LED lighting fixtures are the best lighting options that can enhance the overall look of your kitchen in ways unimaginable. The LED lights are durable, long lasting and can help reduce your electricity bills to a considerable extent. These lighting fixtures come in various sizes, designs and colors due to which their popularity has increased. Heat generated by LED lights is very low and can be installed very conveniently.

Halogen lighting fixtures which are utilized for under cabinet lighting usually have the form of light bars and pucks. In comparison to the LED lights, halogen ones are not that long lasting and it is difficult to install and change them. Plus these lighting fixtures give off a lot of heat.

Xenon under cabinet light is a good alternative to halogen light because it releases less heat and lasts for a long period of time. You also have the opportunity of dimming the xenon lights so that your workspace does not get heated up.

Another under cabinet lighting option is fluorescent lights. These are usually available in the form of light bars. Fluorescent lights are cheap and durable. The only problem with these under cabinet lights is that they utilize mercury. Thus you have to take care of them appropriately so that mercury exposure can be avoided.

Pepping up your staircase

staircase designIn this paper we show different ideas we’ve been collecting for different uses that can give the dead space under the stairs we have in our homes. From storage spaces, cellars, desks, shelves, even to an extendable bed can be a good solution to make better use of marginal spaces we have under the stairs. And since a picture is worth a thousand words we leave with them, expect them to be a source of inspiration and we comities more uses you can think of.

Ideas for stairs stylish, original and fun

Decorate always raises questions, but especially if it comes to how to decorate hallways and stairs because of the latter usually have fewer referents. So with this article, we have tried to bring you some original ideas make your stairs different and interesting spaces. As always, you only need a few jars to create thousands of solutions. We’ll show how sometimes just paint the riser or the trace or the rails or even just a detail to make it look really attractive to your stairs.

Paint the stair risers

This is painting the risers of the stairs with very special ideas. This formula is the most abundant for its resistance to rubbing, as it is an area that is not very gimmicky steps and if you look from the front. But if you dare, you can also go for prints. In these images below we propose three ideas full of charm. In the first, moles are used, whilst it has been painted footprint. In the second, the bet goes through the variety of prints, creating a cheerful harmony. The third is used to translate a message even motivating or fun. In this type of work also abound classic white and black, but with the right design can lead to a very modern and groundbreaking effect or something so endearing and fun as we see in the pictures of kittens of the third picture.

How is Improving Your Elevators Beneficial?

Improving Your ElevatorsWith time and age the adult who could easily climb up and down the stairs with items in their hand find it very difficult to do so. Modifying the residential elevator helps to increase the value of your house as well as is convenient for your family. Residential elevators are becoming very common these days and are no longer considered a luxury that can only be afforded by wealthy and super rich people.

Some of the benefits of having an elevator are:
a) They improve the value of the house.
b) Helps the elderly, injured or infirm person at home.
c) Grocery and other heavy items can be taken upstairs very conveniently.
d) While the remodeling of your house pieces of wood and furniture can be taken up and down without the involvement of any additional labor.
e) Beautifully designed elevators can give a glamorous look to your house.
f) It helps you in striking an excellent deal if ever you put up your house on sale i.e. it increases the resale value of your house.

There are many kinds of elevators that you can use for your house as per your needs. The chair lift for stairs makes the use of a rail that you might install on the stairs. It also consists of an electrical chair and an electric motor which allows you to safely sit on the chair and takes you to the different floors at mere press of a button. It makes you sit away from the wall so as to ensure your safety. A standing stair lift prevents you from walking up and down the stairs. It the most commonly used one. Perch stair lift is a combination of both sitting and standing stair lift. Wheel chair stair lift has a platform wherein you can take the wheelchair inside and by the simple push of a button you can reach to the desired floor, this is mainly done for the elderly people at home.

Tips to maintain bamboo flooring

bamboo flooringBamboo flooring is quite a rage these days thanks to its eco-friendly quotient. Have you too got bamboo flooring for your home? Well, that’ simply great since added to the green concern, bamboo based floors are really stylish and a wonderful match-up for a contemporary décor. However, it should be noted here that bamboo flooring seeks a careful maintenance routine to assure its longevity and luster for years. Here goes a discussion below that outlines the tips needed to maintain a bamboo flooring.

First and foremost, you must take care to clean up the floor every day. Bamboo based floors are highly prone to damage from the regular dirt and dust deposition. Hence you should go for a daily sweep and weekly vacuum. Make sure to use a fine bristled broom to ensure a soft touch on the floor. Never ever use water directly on the bamboo floor as it could be really destructive for the floor longevity. However, you can go for a damp mop here once or twice in a week and dry up the floor surface immediately after you are done with the mopping.

Then, you should be careful with the furnishing on the bamboo floor as well. Heavyweight furniture sets like sofas, big chairs and tables imposed directly on the floor might hurt the bamboo surface. Hence it’s suggested that you always use felt padding under each of the heavyweight pieces you place on the bamboo area. In case you have to shift the chairs or tables, lift them up while moving and never dare to drag them on the surface. Be careful not to walk the bamboo floor with your shoes on, especially stilettos. These high heeled stylish footwear might end up scratching the floor surface. Try to have a shoe rack outside the floor so that you guests can leave their shoes there.

Taking care of hardwood flooring

hardwood flooringA hardwood flooring is like the Prima Donna of your house. Hardwood is truly elegant with its rich texture drawing in huge praise for your classy choice while it also demands a considerable attention when it comes to its maintenance. The article here is a brief on how to take care of hardwood flooring.

First of all, you must know that a hardwood floor needs regular sweeping and cleaning. Use a fine bristled broom that would be gentle on the wooden surface- a daily sweeping is required to keep all the dust, dirt and sand particles at bay that would otherwise be very damaging for the floor. You must vacuum the floor as well, at least once or twice a week. Vacuum cleaning is required to help you suck out the dust from the crevasses.

However, never use water on the hardwood flooring directly. Direct water on wooden surface is threatening to the longevity of the latter. It’s advised that you run damp mop on the floor following a good sweep but make sure to dry up the area immediately. In case of any spillages, you mustn’t delay in taking action.

Then, you have to really smart when it comes to heavy furnishing on hardwood flooring. Your dining table or sofa set and such other heavyweight furniture impose huge pressure while placed for a long time on a hardwood flooring. Thus if possible you should rotate and rearrange the furnishing placements inside the room and always lift them up while shifting them from one side of the floor to another. It’s good if you can get padding under the heavy furnishing on your wooden floor which will somewhat help to reduce the high pressure on the floor.

What more, don’t wear shoes while you are walking on the hardwood floor.

Making Your Fireplace Baby-Proof

fireplaceOnce you become a parent it is your responsibility to ensure that your child does not get access to locations that are dangerous for them like the windows, staircases, garage, laundry room, kitchen, fireplace etc. Fireplace is perhaps the most harmful place in your house and you should not allow your baby to go near it at all. You must make sure that your baby listens to you when you tell him/her to stay away from the fireplace. But majority of the babies are naughty and so it might happen that your baby does not listen to you. Then the only option you have is to baby-proof the fireplace area in your home.

It will be a wise move on your part to install a gate in front of the fireplace which will be locked always so that it can be accessed only by you. If the edges of the fireplace are hard then you must used hearth pads to smooth them. In this way, your baby will not get injured if he/she falls on the edges that have been smoothened. You can utilize the hearth guards to cover the hearth surface entirely so that your child cannot access it in anyway.

Things that are used in a fireplace such as the lighter, matchstick, wood, coal etc should be kept under a lock and key so that your child does not get hold of them. Tools like brush, poker and tong should be placed in a secured location so that your child does not knock them over and get hurt.

You might notice after a few days that the fireplace is still not baby proofed effectively. Then the best option that you have is to remove the traditional fireplace and install an electric fireplace. The electric fireplace does not require any baby proofing as such.

Getting To Know Walk In Bathtubs Better

Walk In BathtubsAs a homeowner, it is your duty to make sure that every room in your house is comfortable and looks beautiful. Every room in your house serves a particular purpose. The bathroom is usually considered to be a personal space where people take a shower or relax in the bathtub. If you are planning to install a bathtub in your bathroom then the walk in bathtubs should be your first choice. These have become increasingly popular among the people belonging to the different parts of the world.

Walk in bathtubs can also be called safety tubs because you do not have to step over any ridge to get into the tub. These bathtubs have doors that allow you to enter the bathtubs very conveniently and quickly. If you have elderly people in your home or some handicapped person then you must install the walk in bathtubs as these are designed specifically to meet the needs of disabled or elderly people. These bathtubs are usually very small and deep when compared to the standard bathtubs.

In case you have small bathrooms then you can utilize the walk in bathtubs because these are tall and are not that long or wide. You can fit them in any small corner of your small sized bathroom. The doors of these bathtubs get fastened and sealed when the water fills the tub so that the flooding of your bathroom can be avoided. The walls and bottom of the walk in bathtub is made with non-skid materials so that you do not slip and fall when the bathtub is wet. Safety rails are also present in these bathtubs.

You can buy the walk in bathtubs from the online stores or some local stores as these bathtubs come in different colors, sizes, shapes and depth that also at reasonable prices.

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