Pros and cons of marble flooring

Marble flooring has become the latest trend of home décor for people who give more emphasis on delicacy and aristocracy. But there are some advantages and drawbacks attached to flooring your residence or office with marble.

Marble flooring not only gives an elegant surface to your home but also provides financial commitments because of their long lasting nature. These are made of a kind of hit proof hard stone therefore; you need not have to worry about scratches on the surface. Marble is a durable material; ideally you would not need to change it in your lifetime once you install it. Moreover, marble is an absolutely cold material in nature. You would love to walk bare footed inside the room during summer season if you have marble flooring done.

On the contrary, marble flooring is an expensive design. Per sq ft costs somewhere around $4 to $8 which is often beyond the reach of general people. The maintenance cost is also very high for marble because one needs to regularly polish it to keep it clean, shining and graceful.


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