Re installing natural stone flooring

Tips to install natural stone flooring, stone flooringThe beauty of natural stone is said to enhance with passing time but if not cared and maintained properly, that beautiful floor of your house will give way to lack-luster surface and might even develop cracks and spots from excessive chemical use. Re installation natural stone flooring can be time taking but it yields good results so as to provide you with glistening beautiful floor. First, hire a floor contractor for the job as it is not possible to do it yourself. Secondly, make sure that all the old pieces of stone are removed accurately and the sub-floor is made level with sand and cement. Laying of natural stones require an even sub-floor which can also be made with waterproof plywood to preserve the stone from seepage and high moisture content. Next the tiles must be laid with an adhesive and a sealer must be used because of the porous nature of natural stones. After the floor has been reinstalled, wax it for better protection from corrosion.


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