Some useful must have home tools in your toolbox

tool box, home improvementWhen we do small repairs around the house, many a times, we find that we have something missing and we have to, either borrow what you need or rush to the nearest store. Instead of doing, this every time something breaks or falls off or leaks, it’s better to keep yourself well equipped. Having a toolbox makes things easier for everyone. Here are some basic items, which you need to keep in your home toolbox. First of all, keep a measuring tape.

They are needed for small projects and repair work. Keep a handsaw at hand too. Power handsaws are available too but the traditional handsaw never fails to help at the most desperate times. Keeping pliers, screwdrivers, and screws are also necessary. Along with those, make sure you have duct tape. Staple gun, a claw hammer and a Battery-Powered Drill are also a must. Finally keep a flashlight handy, as you never know if you have to work during a power shortage or in dark / dim areas or not.


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