Tips to maintain bamboo flooring

bamboo flooringBamboo flooring is quite a rage these days thanks to its eco-friendly quotient. Have you too got bamboo flooring for your home? Well, that’ simply great since added to the green concern, bamboo based floors are really stylish and a wonderful match-up for a contemporary décor. However, it should be noted here that bamboo flooring seeks a careful maintenance routine to assure its longevity and luster for years. Here goes a discussion below that outlines the tips needed to maintain a bamboo flooring.

First and foremost, you must take care to clean up the floor every day. Bamboo based floors are highly prone to damage from the regular dirt and dust deposition. Hence you should go for a daily sweep and weekly vacuum. Make sure to use a fine bristled broom to ensure a soft touch on the floor. Never ever use water directly on the bamboo floor as it could be really destructive for the floor longevity. However, you can go for a damp mop here once or twice in a week and dry up the floor surface immediately after you are done with the mopping.

Then, you should be careful with the furnishing on the bamboo floor as well. Heavyweight furniture sets like sofas, big chairs and tables imposed directly on the floor might hurt the bamboo surface. Hence it’s suggested that you always use felt padding under each of the heavyweight pieces you place on the bamboo area. In case you have to shift the chairs or tables, lift them up while moving and never dare to drag them on the surface. Be careful not to walk the bamboo floor with your shoes on, especially stilettos. These high heeled stylish footwear might end up scratching the floor surface. Try to have a shoe rack outside the floor so that you guests can leave their shoes there.


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