Under Cabinet Lighting: Different Options That Are Available

Under Cabinet LightingA very important aspect of kitchen remodeling projects is the under cabinet lighting. People often get confused regarding the different options that are available in the market in relation to the under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet lighting fixtures will help highlight the backsplash you have installed in your remodeled kitchen. In addition to that, these will serve as the perfect task lighting fixtures in your kitchen as well. This article will put forward the various lighting options that can be fixed under your cabinet effectively and expediently.

LED lighting fixtures are the best lighting options that can enhance the overall look of your kitchen in ways unimaginable. The LED lights are durable, long lasting and can help reduce your electricity bills to a considerable extent. These lighting fixtures come in various sizes, designs and colors due to which their popularity has increased. Heat generated by LED lights is very low and can be installed very conveniently.

Halogen lighting fixtures which are utilized for under cabinet lighting usually have the form of light bars and pucks. In comparison to the LED lights, halogen ones are not that long lasting and it is difficult to install and change them. Plus these lighting fixtures give off a lot of heat.

Xenon under cabinet light is a good alternative to halogen light because it releases less heat and lasts for a long period of time. You also have the opportunity of dimming the xenon lights so that your workspace does not get heated up.

Another under cabinet lighting option is fluorescent lights. These are usually available in the form of light bars. Fluorescent lights are cheap and durable. The only problem with these under cabinet lights is that they utilize mercury. Thus you have to take care of them appropriately so that mercury exposure can be avoided.


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