Ways to fireproof your wood fireplace chimney

wood fireplace chimney, fireplaceMore often than not, wood chimneys catch fire due to the heavy deposition of creosote which gets layered up in the chimney, which when gets too hot results in mishaps. Fireproofing your chimney is very essential if you have a wood fireplace. Wood fireplaces, despite being very beautiful and ornate, can be really tricky if not maintained well. Hence it is very essential that you regularly clean up the chimney and keep it in a tended manner, heres some helpful points to go about it.

• Invest in a good chimney brush and a cleaner, the cleaner will loosen the grip of the deposits in the chimney wall which in turn will make it easier to scrub out the dirt from it
• Use a shop Vac to vacuum out the debris on regular intervals
• Properly clean the chimney linear as per the frequency with which your chimney is used.


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