Which is a better pick for your home, marble or granite flooring?

Nowadays people use natural stones like marble and granite for decoration and construction purposes. These natural stones give an ethnic and modern touch to the house. The stones can be used in flooring as well.

A popular flooring material used is marble. Marble gives beauty and grace to a house. Marble gives the ultimate elegance and uniqueness to the floor. Marble is easily available and it has a natural shine. Marble floors can be slippery and glossy. Marble is also easy to clean and hence is easy to maintain.

You can also use granite to do the flooring of your house. Granite is gradually becoming a popular choice among people. Granite is known for its durability. Granite also has a style and beauty of its own. It is also scratch resistant and heat resistant. The price of granite is high because of its uniqueness. Once again granite is easy to clean and maintain.


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